Developer Toolkit for Dynamics 365 (public beta 1) – what’s new?

Earlier this week public beta of Developer Toolkit was released. It became a great surprise because tool haven’t got any updates or improvement since SDK for Dynamics CRM 2013. Tool is available for download by this link.

Here is the list of new features I discovered during my check:

1. VS 2010 is not supported anymore. But VS 2012, 2013 and 2015 are supported:

2. Creation of new solution from VS (in previous version it was required to create solution in CRM and then point Developer Toolkit to that solution):

3. Possibility to choose which projects to add to solution during creation from “New Visual Studio Solution Template for Dynamics 365” with possibility to provide name for projects:

4. Generation of Early-Binding classes for entity/entities and action/actions from VS:

5. Creation of new Actions/Business Processes/Dialogs from VS:

6. Creation/editing of plugin steps got “Plugin Registration Tool” layout:

7. Creation of plugin to handle action “message” is available in VS:

8. Possibility to choose what components should be deployed to CRM Instance:

9. Installing/uninstalling of profiler and profiling of plugin’s steps and workflows from VS:

10. Debugging of plugin code directly from VS:

PS: after installation of Developer Toolkit during load of Visual Studio you can get following message:

To resolve that issue follow next steps:

  1. Download and install Dynamics 365 SDK.
  2. Point Dynamics 365 Developer Toolkit to required folders as it shown:


10 Comments on “Developer Toolkit for Dynamics 365 (public beta 1) – what’s new?

    1. Muhammad,
      I haven’t checked it but I believe it should support at least 2013/2015/2016.

    1. Nishant,

      Great question as well. I haven’t found any easy way. I will ask product team how to make it work.


  1. Any news on registering images? Completely blocked without this. Nice article though, thanks 😉

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