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Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.0: Usage of new OOB WebApi functions – Part 3

In previous posts I described how to use Xrm.WebApi methods to perform CRUD operations and use “execute” method to call Actions. This part is dedicated to functions.

Here is example of composing and using of WhoAmI unbound function:

As you can see difference between unbound actions and unbound function – value of “operationType” property that is equal to 1.

Here is example how to call “CalculateTotalTimeIncident” function that is incident-entity-bound function:

Again, difference between requests for entity-bound action and entity-bound function – value for operationType that is equal to “1” for functions.

Here is example how to call “GetAllTimeZonesWithDisplayName” function that is timezonedefinition-entityset-bound function:

Again, difference only in operationType property.

And the last – executeMultiple. Usage is really simple:


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