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Ultimate Workflow Toolkit v1.5.0.0

New release of Ultimate Workflow Toolkit is available.

On one hand this release contains a lot of new cool features. On the other this release is not directly compatible with earlier versions. I will provide guide that will describe how to install this version if you have earlier versions installed already.

Here is what I’ve done so far:

  1. “Multiselect Optionset Workflow Tools” is now separated solution with name “UWT – Multiselect Optionset Helper”.
  2. I merged relationship-related (N-1 and N-N) operations with View-Oriented operations.
  3. Distribute Action feature was added. Configuration is not that easy though but it works perfectly and does what it should.
  4. Update of child records prepared based on configurable list of other entity/generic list of values.
  5. Geolocation of address using BingMaps services.
  6. Convertion of attachments from one format to another using CloudConvert service (up to 25 free conversions).
  7. Duplicate detection – results can be sent as a list of urls or embedded to an email as a table with results.
  8. Add Business Days to date with possibility to define weekends (for some countries weekends are Thursday-Friday or Friday-Saturday) and even holidays (you can use custom entity for storing of holidays plus FetchXml query to pass it inside Workflow Step).

10 Comments on “Ultimate Workflow Toolkit v1.5.0.0

  1. Hi Andrii,

    Thank you for sharing your awesome job with Ultimate Workflow Toolkit!

    I tried to find examples how to use Ultimate Workflow Toolkit steps. For instance, UWT: Request Builder:Build Request From Entity. But could not find any user guide how to use it.

    Do you have any use guide?



    1. Hello Aliona,
      Documentation is on the way. I will work on it and you can find it on GitHub Wiki.

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Great job and thank you very much.
    I would like to ask about Multiselect OptionSet function, the usage of and how to use Get Field Label, Field Contains All Values, and difference between “Set Field Value” and “Add Values to Field”?


    1. Hello,
      “Get Field Label” returns concatenated Labels of all Optionset values selected.
      “Field Contains All Values” – returns boolean value that define if all values you passed to input selected in field.
      Difference between “Set Field Value” and “Add Values to Field” – let’s assume that you have optionset with Red, Yellow and Green options and Red and Yellow are selected. If you use “Set Field Value” and pass “Green” then new field value will be just “Green” but if you add “Add” with the same “Green” – the result will be “Red”, “Yellow” and “Green”.

      1. thanks Andrew, now clear now.

        A different question, is there a function to share secured fields? I have seen the one to share record, but i didnt see any for share secured fields. Did i miss anything?

        1. Hello,
          There are steps to share secured fields – UWT: Security: Share Secured Fields with User/Team.

  3. Great. Very handy step.

    When i use the UWT: Security: Share Secured Fields with Team, i get this message:
    Unhandled Exception: Microsoft.Crm.CrmException: System.NullReferenceException: Microsoft Dynamics CRM has experienced an error.

    In the workflow properties, i made sure that all 6 columns are filled up – Team, Record Reference, Field List(with just one field schema name), Read Access, Write Access, and Throw error. Any idea why?

      1. Hi Andrew,

        Sure, i uploaded to

        Now I test it out using UWT: Security: Share Secured Fields with User instead of Team, and get the NullReferenceException too.

        Tha {Share FLS User(Account)} is a lookup field to user. The rest are self-explanatory.

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