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Ultimate Workflow Toolkit v1.5.0.0

New release of Ultimate Workflow Toolkit is available. On one hand this release contains a lot of new cool features. On the other this release is not directly compatible with earlier versions. I will provide guide that will describe how to install this version if you have earlier versions installed already. Here is what I’ve …

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How to generate Excel Template from code

2 years ago as a part of Dynamics CRM 2016 release Microsoft introduced “Word/Excel Document Templates”. I saw examples how to generate Word template but have never seen the same example for Excel. Here is what I found after several hours spent with DB of CRM and ILSpy:

Huge limitation of this code – …

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How to use SendEmailFromTemplate action with JavaScript and WebApi


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How to Add records to Marketing List using WebApi

Following code can be used to add records to Marketing List using JavaScript and WebApi:


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.0: How to fix connectivity issues between SSDT + Report Authoring Extension and Dynamics 365

At the moment (February 14, 2018) Microsoft hasn’t released version of Report Authoring Extension that supports both v9.0 and enforced TLS 1.2. This post will help people who develops reports for latest Dynamics 365 v9.0 using SQL Server Data Tools and FetchXml Authoring Extension.

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Ultimate Workflow Toolkit v1.4.0.0 – all you want to do with Multiselect Optionsets in Workflows

Multiselect optionset was introduced as another one cool feature of 9.0 release. On one hand we have got cool and useful feature but on the other hand you can’t use this field as a part of Business Rules and Workflows/Actions. I believe this limitations will be resolved in upcoming release but I decided to address …

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.0: lookupObjects – closer look

After I posted my previous post about new namespaces and methods I got several questions about lookupObjects method from Xrm.Utility namespace. I decided to make additional research to check what was not documented but can be used.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.0: What’s new in clientside for devs besides Xrm.WebApi

After analysis of new namespaces and methods that were released as a part of new 9.0 version I come to conclusion that “Dynamics 365  CE” Product Team actively works on elimination of gap between methods that are available to Product Team and usual developers. And here is why:

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.0: Usage of new OOB WebApi functions – Part 2

In previous post I described how to perform CRUD operations using OOB wrapper for WebApi operations released as a part of v9.0 release. In this I will describe 2 remaining methods – execute and executeMultiple. Methods are used to execute actions or functions.