December 14, 2016

Migrating apps from Microsoft.Xrm.Client to Microsoft.Xrm.Tooling

Today I had a task to migrate couple of apps that used Microsoft.Xrm.Client assemblies to new Tooling assemblies. In this article I will describe steps to use to migrate your own apps to use latest (and recommended) tools to connect to your CRM Instances from code.

November 29, 2016

Quick and dirty way to get current record Object Type Code

Sometimes you need to get Object Type Code of current opened record. Yes, it’s safer to use supported ways like call to metadata through endpoints but sometimes you can ignore that recommendation. So the trick is:


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November 13, 2016

Developer Toolkit for Dynamics 365 (public beta 1) – what’s new?

Earlier this week public beta of Developer Toolkit was released. It became a great surprise because tool haven’t got any updates or improvement since SDK for Dynamics CRM 2013. Tool is available for download by this link.

September 23, 2016

Why my action is not available through WebApi?

Recently I was working on task where I wanted to use Actions through JavaScript. It was a pretty usual task until I came calling of an action through WebApi. I was able to call that action through SOAP endpoint but every call through WebApi threw an error with message “Resource not found for the segment ‘new_MyAction’.

March 1, 2015

HowTo: HTML/JS WebResources

We (developers) have a great feature in CRM 2011 release. If you want to give your CRM application new client side features or controls not available OOB and you want your solution to remain supported, you have to use HTML/JS webresources. This article describes some approaches, tricks and code snippets I found or developed while using HTML/JS webresources.

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