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Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.0: lookupObjects – closer look

After I posted my previous post about new namespaces and methods I got several questions about lookupObjects method from Xrm.Utility namespace. I decided to make additional research to check what was not documented but can be used.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.0: What’s new in clientside for devs besides Xrm.WebApi

After analysis of new namespaces and methods that were released as a part of new 9.0 version I come to conclusion that “Dynamics 365  CE” Product Team actively works on elimination of gap between methods that are available to Product Team and usual developers. And here is why:

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HowTo: Log all inputs of your custom worflow activities in generic way

For couple of months I work on my Ultimate Workflow Toolkit. For those who doesn’t know what is it (especially for power users and consultants who doesn’t write code but like build and use workflows) – it is a toolkit that contains steps for workflows to extend list of basic operations. To make troubleshooting of …