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Ultimate Workflow Toolkit v1.2.0.0

I released new version of Ultimate Workflow Toolkit. Here is the list of new operations available: Email: Save Email Attachments to Record’s Notes Attache Record’s Notes (only documents) to Email and Send it Create Email from Template Send Email to Plain Email Address Send Email to Team’s Members Send Email Composed Previously

CRM Extensions, Tools

Ultimate Workflow Toolkit v1.0.0.0

Since time I started to work with Dynamics CRM (back to 2008 and v4.0) I was wondering why many operations that are available from UI not available in OOB Workflows. In latest release (v8.2 or Dynamics 365) Microsoft added couple of operations: I did a quick look on the list and tried to use it. …


Microsoft CRM 2015 and OData queries builders

Since the OData endpoint was released with CRM 2011, I’ve used CRM OData Query Designer developed by my fellow MVP Rhett Clinton. Today, I was working on a brand new online instance of CRM 2015 and  I trying to import a lovely tool into CRM when I got a message that solutions developed for CRM …