MS CRM 2011: Open new activity form with ‘Regarding’ field prefilled

I had a task today to open a new task form with the Regarding field prefilled. Based on the SDK description, I tried to use following code to accomplish my task:

Unfortunately, this code failed. I looked for some explanation and found it in the SDK in the same article I mentioned before. The answer was that it is impossible to set values for partylists and regarding lookups.

I knew that this feature worked for the out of box buttons so, I rechecked the URL for activities created with OOB buttons and reworked the code to the following, which worked without issues:


  1. Haven't created activities in that way. I believe that one of 2 following statements is correct:
    1. This is a bug.
    2. This is a feature that was done with MS…

  2. there are multiple ways
    1. via form querystring:
    function OpenNewContact() {
    //Set the Parent Customer field value to “Contoso”.
    var extraqs = "parentcustomerid={F01F3F6D-896E-DF11-B414-00155DB1891A}";
    extraqs += "&parentcustomeridname=Contoso";
    extraqs += "&parentcustomeridtype=account";
    //Set the Address Type to “Primary”.
    extraqs += "&address1_addresstypecode=3";
    //Set text in the Description field.
    extraqs += "&description=Default values for this record were set programatically.";
    //Set Do not allow E-mails to "Do Not Allow".
    extraqs += "&donotemail=1";
    //Set features for how the window will appear.
    var features = "location=no,menubar=no,status=no,toolbar=no";
    // Open the window."/main.aspx?etn=contact&pagetype=entityrecord&extraqs=" +
    encodeURIComponent(extraqs), "_blank", features, false);

    2. via parameters:
    function OpenNewContact() {
    var parameters = {};
    //Set the Parent Customer field value to “Contoso”.
    parameters["parentcustomerid"] = "2878282E-94D6-E111-9B1D-00155D9D700B";
    parameters["parentcustomeridname"] = "Contoso";
    parameters["parentcustomeridtype"] = "account";
    //Set the Address Type to “Primary”.
    parameters["address1_addresstypecode"] = "3";
    //Set text in the Description field.
    parameters["description"] = "Default values for this record were set programmatically.";
    //Set Do not allow E-mails to "Do Not Allow".
    parameters["donotemail"] = "1";

    // Open the window.
    Xrm.Utility.openEntityForm("contact", null, parameters);

    3. if you see parameters don't work via above code, Here is the workaround:

    use this code:
    var params = {
    parameter_regardingobjectid: referenced record id,
    parameter_regardingobjectidtype: referenced record type name,
    parameter_regardingobjectidname: referenced record display name

    Xrm.Utility.openEntityForm("task", null, params);

    On form customization go to properties and add three parameters as string:

    and on form onload set the regarding field to the following parameters using this code:
    var param=Xrm.Page.context.getQueryStringParameters();
    var regardingId=param["parameter_regardingid"];
    var regardingName=param["parameter_regardingname"];
    var regardingType=param["parameter_regardingtype"];

    //Populate the Regarding if there is one
    if (regardingId != undefined)
    {Xrm.Page.getAttribute("regardingobjectid").setValue([{id:regardingId, name:regardingName, entityType:regardingType}]);}

  3. Hello SHONI,
    1. I'm very appreciated for your message but I haven't asked how to solve an issue. I shared with solution I have already used in live project.

    2. I'm quite comfortable with SDK and I know how to work with prefilling of fields in new records via URL as well as how to work with Xrm.Utility class. Thanks for copypasting from, I'm "really" appreciate it.

    3. Code you've provided in point 3 has been already mentioned with yairrose 2 posts before yours.

    Kind regards,

  4. Hey i am using mscrm 2015 where regardingobjectid shows all the entities. I want to set to a custom entity is ccs_corporatecustomer. how do i achieve ? i created a javascript code on form load but not working Please help??

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