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Ultimate Workflow Toolkit v1.4.0.0 – all you want to do with Multiselect Optionsets in Workflows

Multiselect optionset was introduced as another one cool feature of 9.0 release. On one hand we have got cool and useful feature but on the other hand you can’t use this field as a part of Business Rules and Workflows/Actions. I believe this limitations will be resolved in upcoming release but I decided to address second part of issue in my Ultimate Workflow Toolkit. Here is the list of new operations that I made available using custom workflow activities of toolkit:

  • Checks:
    • Is Field Contain any Value
    • Is Field Contain one of Values
    • Is Field Contain all Values
    • Is Field Equal to
  • Field Modifications:
    • Add Values to Field
    • Remove Values from Field
    • Set Field Value
  • Get Field Label

To use it you can download it from GitHub repository and import solution to your environment. Here is an example of usage of “Add Values to Field” step:

  1. Create a workflow and add a step you want to use to it.
  2. Click “Set Properties” in step appeared in workflow designer.
  3. Define “Values”, “Record Reference” and “Field Name” values.
  4. Publish and use workflow.

Here are steps how to use one of “Check” operations:

  1. Add step you want to use to workflow.
  2. Populate required properties of step.
  3. Use result in conditions.
  4. Publish and use workflow.

That’s it. If I missed any usage scenario – feel free to leave a message under this post.

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