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Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.0: How to fix connectivity issues between SSDT + Report Authoring Extension and Dynamics 365

At the moment (February 14, 2018) Microsoft hasn’t released version of Report Authoring Extension that supports both v9.0 and enforced TLS 1.2. This post will help people who develops reports for latest Dynamics 365 v9.0 using SQL Server Data Tools and FetchXml Authoring Extension.

This is how it looks now when you try to run report against v9.0 – you enter credentials, click “Login”, choose correct instance, click “Login” and you sent back to first form with additional message at the bottom of form:

Here are steps how to fix it:

  1. Download and install Fiddler if you still don’t have it.
  2. Run Fiddler. Open Tools -> Options -> HTTPS:

3. Click on highlighted text after “Protocols” label and add ;tls1.2 text at the end and click “OK”:

After that run report and ensure that it works as expected.


      1. Sabindas,
        I checked it and I was not satisfied with results because labels for optionsets or lookups are not returned with dataset. I plan to write post on it and get in touch with PG to understand why.
        That’s why I would not recommend using new extension until it’s not fixed.

  1. Ey, so we don’t have a supported way to make a report on the last Dynalmics online version??

  2. I’m trying to run my report, from SSDT, against, “Version 1710 ( online “.
    1. added tls 1.2 to HTTPS protocol, via fiddler.
    2. continue running Fiddler
    3. when I run the report, from SSDT, I am subject to the endless loop of choosing an instance, and login.

    Any thoughts?

    1. Mark,
      That’s weird. Can you please check if you can connect to D365 using latest version of XrmToolBox?

  3. Hello All.

    I tried applying this trick and it did not work for me. I do have the latest version of BIDS(v9).

    Running Visual Studio 2015 as well as SQL Server Data Tools for VS 2015. Any additional thoughts on this?

    This is what it gets recorded in the error log

    Source : System
    Method : GetResponse
    Date : 12/18/2019
    Time : 12:59:52 PM
    Error : The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel.
    Stack Trace : at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
    at Microsoft.Xrm.Tooling.Connector.DeviceIdManager.ExecuteRegistrationRequest(String url, DeviceRegistrationRequest registrationRequest)
    at Microsoft.Xrm.Tooling.Connector.DeviceIdManager.RegisterDevice(Guid applicationId, Uri issuerUri, LiveDevice device)
    at Microsoft.Xrm.Tooling.Connector.DeviceIdManager.RegisterDevice(Guid applicationId, Uri issuerUri, String deviceName, String devicePassword)
    at Microsoft.Xrm.Tooling.CrmConnectControl.CrmConnectionManager.GenerateDeviceCreds()
    at Microsoft.Xrm.Tooling.CrmConnectControl.CrmConnectionManager.ValidateServerConnection(CrmOrgByServer selectedOrg)

        1. Marlene,
          I haven’t tried this approach for a year because I had no reports related work.
          There is a chance that Microsoft changed something on their backend so this trick doesn’t work anymore.
          Alternative way – try to uninstall 8.2 and install 9.0 version of tool – because it uses later version of sdk assemblies where TLS1.2 is addressed.

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