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Showing ribbon button based on the result of async operation

Earlier when I had a task to show/hide button based on the result of data-retrieval operation I used following approach – declared variable, made synchronous call to endpoint, set that variable inside the callback and returned true/false result at the end of validation function. It worked but if the operation was long-running it caused blocking of UI (that is bad and not user-friendly at all). In this post I’ll show how to work around this situation.

Example I will use today is classic – when user doesn’t have specific role (System Administrator in my case) button is not available for user. Also I developed and tested everything on v9.0 so it could require change on your environment if its of earlier version.

1. Please check code with comments:

2. Ribbon Configuration – there are not a lot of special things to mention but to make it compatible with UCI formContext should be passed inside “Custom Enable Rule”:

Detailed description how to work with formContext in UCI-compatible code you can find here.

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