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Adding a PCF Control to the Dataverse Application Navigation (SiteMap)

At the moment unfortunately it’s not possible to put PCF directly to the SiteMap but I found a workaround you can use that I described in this post.


In order to place PCF Control to the Sitemap, you have to create a “stub” entity that will serve as a placeholder for a PCF Control. Create an entity and double-check that users that would need access to the control have at least the “read” privilege of the “user” level for your new custom entity directly through a security role or through a team users belong to. Here is a screenshot of how I configured that “proxy” entity:

Add an entity to the SiteMap navigation using OOB “Sitemap Designer”:

Save and publish the application’s sitemap.

PCF Control

Open VS Code, open a terminal, and navigate to the folder you want to create your PCF in. Run the following code to create your PCF Control (replace the namespace and control’s name with yours):

Open the folder of the control using VSCode and perform the following modifications.

In order to check that the control works, I add the following code to the “init” method ofย  the “index.ts” file:

When PCF Control is used for a dataset – regular components of views are shown, like Command Bar, View Selector, and Quick Find. Obviously, that’s not something that should be shown for our scenario. In order to hide it – open “ControlManifest.Input.xml” file and modify the dataset with adding “cds-data-set-options” attribute to “data-set” node. In my case it looks like the following:

Save the project and push it to the Dataverse instance.

Configuration of PCF Control

Open “Advanced Settings” and open the solution that contains a new “proxy” entity, navigate to that entity ( at the moment doesn’t provide that configuration possibility so it’s required to use the “classic” client), and on the entity level open “Controls” tab:

Add the PCF Control imported to the instance earlier and mark that control active for required client types:

Save and publish the entity. Open the application. If everything you configured everything the right way PCF Control should be shown in the sitemap:

Cover photo by Jantine Doornbos on Unsplash


  1. Although this is a great workaround but now, with the GA of custom pages, you can mix PCF and canvas controls to gain the same result in a supported way ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. also, it looks like this solution will work for on-premises version whereas the custom pages will not.

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