Author: Andrew Butenko

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How to use Xrm.Utility.getResourceString in Html WebResources

I saw several threads on community forums that state “Xrm.Utility.getResourceString” functionality doesn’t work in Html webresources. I decided to spend some time digging to find out why it doesn’t work and how to make it work.


Data migration from ground to cloud – my experience

During last 12 months I participated in several migration projects from ground to cloud. In this post I will share my experience migrating customizations and data. First recommendation – if your instance is eligible for FastTrack – don’t even think regarding other options. There will be no need to develop migration packages, map users, original …

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Html Webresource, Classic UI vs UCI – story of broken functionality

This morning started for me from bug I found really interesting. Product (custom visualization of data we did using Html/JS webresource developed for customer) didn’t work as it should on the UCI. The same time everything worked fine on the Classic UI Client. My investigation led to scary fact – OOB Api (even in your …

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HowTo send record Url pointing to specific Model Driven Apps

Model Driven Apps were released as a part of 8.2 release (and were called just Apps that time). It’s really cool feature that allows you to build role-tailored applications that have functionality required for specific role. What is available through UI unfortunately is not available through workflows – there is no possibility to define specific …

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Calling D365 actions/functions from Flow

Microsoft Flow is new and amazing product that allows to build different automations without opening Visual Studio. Components for Dynamics 365 for CE/CDS are limited at the moment. It’s possible to start flow either on-demand or when record is created/updated/deleted inside system and it allows to create/update/delete records and retrieve sets of records and iterate …

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HowTo: open plugin/custom workflow activity project created using CRM/D365 Developer Toolkit

I have to confess that I used to use CRM Developer Toolkit (CRMDT) before Jason Lattimer’s VS extensions were released. After I uninstalled CRMDT I started to experience issues opening projects created using it. Following error message appeared when I tried to open a solution: Here is how it can be easily fixed:

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Enable plus button for subgrids on disabled forms

Several weeks ago I got a question from my customer – when record is inactive it’s not possible to add associated records from subgrids located on entity form – is it possible to bring back “plus” button to the subgrid even if record is deactivated?