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Open proper form based on record’s data – UCI way

A cool feature of the 2011 CRM version was the possibility to have multiple forms for the same entity. That feature is awesome but it has one drawback – it’s not possible to create some kind of dependency between the form to use in the context of data. Among developers, there were a few ways …

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What’s new in D365 2020 Wave 1 release for front-end developers

There are a lot of different blog posts and video reviews of features available as a part of the Dynamics 365 2020 Wave 1 release. I played with this release a bit and found 2 client-side code enhancements that can be interesting (or even useful) for developers.

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Xrm.Navigation.navigateTo – gotchas, tricks and limitations

Here are ways that were used by developers to show Modal Dialogs: Xrm.Internal.openDialog Alert.js Custom Dialogs that used different frameworks like jQuery UI Dialog or similar But the main and common issue of options available was that those approaches can’t be considered as supported. And it stayed the same for years until Microsoft introduced Xrm.Navigation.navigateTo …

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Xrm.Utility.lookupObjects: Episode 3: The UCI strikes back

Today was the last day of the North America UGSummit. It was my 3rd UGSummit and I’m already prepared to pack my bags to travel to next year’s UGSummit in Nashville, TN. I like it a lot for many reasons – reconnecting with my MVP Family, thought-provoking sessions, networking, and the “CRMUG Medics” booth. For …

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Refreshing the ribbon – form vs grid

So today my colleague experienced issue refreshing ribbon of the grid. According to SDK formContext.ui.refreshRibbon had to to the trick but it did not work. After some digging and googling I found an answer – there is a global function using which it is possible to refresh the grid – refreshRibbon so here is tip …

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HowTo: Show ribbon button depending on Application running

Several days back I saw an email from Steve Mordue MVP asking if it is possible to filter ribbon elements based on application like it’s implemented for entities, views and forms. Answer was that at the moment there is no easy way to do it. In this post I will help Steve to resolve his …

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How to use Xrm.Utility.getResourceString in Html WebResources

I saw several threads on community forums that state “Xrm.Utility.getResourceString” functionality doesn’t work in Html webresources. I decided to spend some time digging to find out why it doesn’t work and how to make it work.