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Creating Model Driven Apps Side Panels like a boss

If you use model-driven applications regularly you might notice a “Copilot” Side Pane that appears immediately after your app (Sales/Service/Marketing/Something Else) is loaded: I decided to investigate and share how to create a similar functionality in this blog post.

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Canvas Apps: Watch PCF Component

Historically, I had no projects where I could work with CanvasApps/Custom Pages. The basics that I learned during the App-in-the-day classes didn’t give me a full understanding of where such apps can be used and how to architect and build them. A few months back I was looking for a new project (if you have …

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Dataverse “When an action is performed” trigger doesn’t fire – what to do

I always considered myself a pro-developer so I don’t work with Canvas Apps or Powerautomate Flows on a daily basis like all citizen developers but this week I had an interesting experience playing with the “When an action is performed” trigger of the Powerautomate. I learned 2 lessons that I wanted to share with you, …

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Synchronizing aggregation fields and subgrids data in MDA forms

In one of my current projects, I received the requirement to synchronize values that are calculated as aggregates from children’s records with the data in form subgrids. In this post, I will provide instructions on how this can be implemented in a model-driven app.

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Validating current user privileges on the client side

Let’s say one has a scenario when some UI element (field, section, tab) has to be enabled/disabled or set to hidden/visible or functionality within PCF Component depending on some privilege of the current user. This post will demonstrate the code that might be used to check the particular privilege available to a user.

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PCF: Solving issue with lookupObjects and modal dialogs layering

During my few last project I had to implement the same pattern: PCF control opens the Modal dialog Dialog has controls that use OOB lookupObjects function to enter the data Challenge – the panel that pops up when lookupObjects is executed is located under the initiating Dialog: In order to fix this issue it would …