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HowTo: Show ribbon button depending on Application running

Several days back I saw an email from Steve Mordue MVP asking if it is possible to filter ribbon elements based on application like it’s implemented for entities, views and forms. Answer was that at the moment there is no easy way to do it. In this post I will help Steve to resolve his …

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How to use Xrm.Utility.getResourceString in Html WebResources

I saw several threads on community forums that state “Xrm.Utility.getResourceString” functionality doesn’t work in Html webresources. I decided to spend some time digging to find out why it doesn’t work and how to make it work.


Data migration from ground to cloud – my experience

During last 12 months I participated in several migration projects from ground to cloud. In this post I will share my experience migrating customizations and data. First recommendation – if your instance is eligible for FastTrack – don’t even think regarding other options. There will be no need to develop migration packages, map users, original …

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Html Webresource, Classic UI vs UCI – story of broken functionality

This morning started for me from bug I found really interesting. Product (custom visualization of data we did using Html/JS webresource developed for customer) didn’t work as it should on the UCI. The same time everything worked fine on the Classic UI Client. My investigation led to scary fact – OOB Api (even in your …

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HowTo send record Url pointing to specific Model Driven Apps

Model Driven Apps were released as a part of 8.2 release (and were called just Apps that time). It’s really cool feature that allows you to build role-tailored applications that have functionality required for specific role. What is available through UI unfortunately is not available through workflows – there is no possibility to define specific …

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Calling D365 actions/functions from Flow

Microsoft Flow is new and amazing product that allows to build different automations without opening Visual Studio. Components for Dynamics 365 for CE/CDS are limited at the moment. It’s possible to start flow either on-demand or when record is created/updated/deleted inside system and it allows to create/update/delete records and retrieve sets of records and iterate …