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How to use Xrm.Utility.getResourceString in Html WebResources

I saw several threads on community forums that state “Xrm.Utility.getResourceString” functionality doesn’t work in Html webresources. I decided to spend some time digging to find out why it doesn’t work and how to make it work.

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UWT: Email Invoice in PDF format

It became a typical scenario – Email Quote or Invoice to customer in PDF format. When you’re on premise – it’s not a big problem – develop report, publish it to CRM, publish it to Reporting Services and use Reporting Services to render report in PDF format. But what to do when you’re online? One …

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Ultimate Workflow Toolkit v1.5.0.0

New release of Ultimate Workflow Toolkit is available. On one hand this release contains a lot of new cool features. On the other this release is not directly compatible with earlier versions. I will provide guide that will describe how to install this version if you have earlier versions installed already. Here is what I’ve …

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Ultimate Workflow Toolkit v1.3.0.0

I released new version of Ultimate Workflow Toolkit. Here is the list of new operations available: System: Recalculate one Rollup field for record Recalculate all Rollup fields for record Actualize Exchange Rates (based on my post – Cancel all waiting workflow instances of this workflow (based on my post – Bulk Operations: Execute On-Demand worfklow …

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Ultimate Workflow Toolkit v1.2.0.0

I released new version of Ultimate Workflow Toolkit. Here is the list of new operations available: Email: Save Email Attachments to Record’s Notes Attache Record’s Notes (only documents) to Email and Send it Create Email from Template Send Email to Plain Email Address Send Email to Team’s Members Send Email Composed Previously

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Ultimate Workflow Toolkit v1.0.0.0

Since time I started to work with Dynamics CRM (back to 2008 and v4.0) I was wondering why many operations that are available from UI not available in OOB Workflows. In latest release (v8.2 or Dynamics 365) Microsoft added couple of operations: I did a quick look on the list and tried to use it. …

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Microsoft CRM 2013: Currency exchange rates actualization

In this article I will share with you a small add-on I developed for one of my customers. Let’s assume that you are an employee of a company that uses CRM with several currencies. Of course, you want to have actual information in your system and the currency exchange rates should be current. Microsoft CRM …

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MS CRM 2011: Import of marketing list members using standard import with small extensions

Unfortunately at the moment it is impossible to import Marketing Lists Members to CRM with out-of-box import. My friend, former MVP and employee of Microsoft Artem Grunin provided good approach how to eliminate this problem with small customizations and plugin.

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MS CRM 2011: Bulk refresh of user details from AD

When you create user in CRM all the available information is populated from AD into CRM user form. But in case information was changed in AD (email box, phone e.t.c.) – information will remain unchanged till the moment you will open form of user and change it. In case a lot of information was changed …