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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: Error after applying Update Rollup 12/13

I haven’t updated my VM to latest updates for a long time and I decided to do that today. After Rollup was installed, I saw message that said Rollup was not applied to one or several organizations. I ignored that message and tried to log into CRM. I got following error:


MS CRM 2011: Add new Deployment Administrator through SQL

Here is a short script that has to be executed against MSCRM_Config db to add a new deployment administrator: Declare @DomainName Varchar(Max) Set @DomainName = ‘Put new deployment admin login here’–i.e. ‘ContosoAdministrator’ Declare @Id uniqueidentifier Select @Id = Id From mscrm_config..SystemUser Where Name = @DomainName if (@Id is null) Begin Set @Id = NEWID() INSERT …