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Let’s build Html WebResources faster and smarter, vol. 2

In the previous post, I provided step-by-instructions on how to start developing HtmlWebResources using create-react-app. In this, I will share one more tip I got from Chris Groh that can speed up the development/testing process even greater.

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Let’s build Html WebResources faster and smarter

I wrote the initial post on how to develop Html/JS webresources using modern frameworks almost 2 years ago. A few months back I got an email from my colleague Chris Groh who did a few brilliant recommendations on how to enhance the development process and in this post, I will provide an updated version of …

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Migrate Azure Functions from .Net Framework (v1) to .Net Core (v3)

As a developer, I built multiple integrations with Dataverse using Azure Functions. Historically, XrmTooling (the firstparty library to perform operations with Dataverse) is .Net Framework based, so to leverage this Package I had to use V1 Azure Functions. Microsoft released .Net Core version of the tooling for a public preview so at the moment it’s …

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Debugging Custom API plugins using Plugin Registration Tool

Custom API is a great feature that was brought to the platform to replace Actions developers used to use for years. Historically, Actions heavily rely on classic workflow infrastructure, and considering Microsoft’s efforts to deprecate classic workflows – Custom API is a brilliant alternative to Action that brought a few cool features like making CustomAPI …

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PCF: PowerAppsCLI v1.7.2, Lookup attributes and how to fix an issue in ManifestTypes generated file

If you read my blog I believe you may know that I love to develop different functionality to extend Dynamics CRM, Dynamics 365 for CE, CDS, DataFlex, CDS, Dataverse. The latest and funniest playground for me is PowerAppsComponent Framework and PCF Controls. Lookup attributes were not supported for a long time so I found few …

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Plugin: How to fix “The ‘Accept’ header must be modified using the appropriate property or method. Parameter name: name” error

I was working on the integration between Dataverse and external Rest API. The scenario is simple as – “Send the JSON object to the API when the record is created”. In order to implement this, I decided to develop the plugin that will get the data from the context, transform it to the proper JSON …

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PCF: Lookup Attribute – Let’s take look under the hood

Lookup attribute was unavailable for PCF for a long time but the moment when it’ll become available and fully supported for developers of PCF controls is coming. In this post, I will take a look under the hood. All operations I will perform are technically unsupported so don’t use approaches I will use in your …

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PCF: 2 tips to minify the size of your PCF components (up to 15 times smaller)

About a month ago I joined the project where my main duty is the development of PCF components. I was soooo waiting for such a project to polish my skills and extend the knowledge I got building PCF components for fun. Let me move closer to the subject. I was working on the component that …

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How to get type of the instance (production/sandbox/something else) using code

I was working on the plugin where logic had to work differently depending on the type of the instance, i.e. if code is executed in Sandbox environment – do A, if code is executed in Production – do B. I never developed anything similar before and search engines did not bring anything valuable. After research …