MS CRM 2011: Embed context report to left navigation pane

Idea of this blog post is how to embed report to left navigation pane of Crm editing form. I have found this brilliant post which describes how to embed report into IFrame located on Crm editing form and I took this post as basis for current post.

First step is to create report which will take current record as parameter. Create new report project:

Select Microsoft Dynamics Crm Fetch as a type of data source and input parameters for connection to CRM and click Next:

Input Fetch Xml query for report. Don’t forget to add parameter for filtration by current record:

Define columns that would be displayed at initial layout:

Give your report some name and click Finish:

Initial layout is shown at following screenshot:

I changed report’s layout and after it looked like:

And result of report work:

Upload report to system and test how it works:

Recheck that parameter is passed from URL to report:

Report’s part is finished. Next part is embedding. Create html webresource which will contain following code (main function of this webresource is to show report inside iframe):

Open account customization form and add new navigation item:

Save and publish form.

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