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Ultimate Workflow Toolkit v1.1.0.0

I released new version of Ultimate Workflow Toolkit. It has couple enhancements to operations that were released as a part of v1.0.0.0, new operations.

Let me start from enhancements:

  1. “Polymorph Entity Reference” input now can accept not only “Dynamics URL” but usual JSon as well with {“entityType”: “account”, “id”: “0554079f-8889-4a29-bd8e-ed995cfc5181”} format.
  2. Operations “Opportunity: Generate Quote”, “Opportunity: Generate Order”, “Opportunity: Generate Invoice”, “Order: Convert to Invoice”, “Quote: Get Products from Opportunity”, “Order: Get Products from Opportunity”, “Invoice: Get Products from Opportunity” got additional string input. If you want to copy products/details based on some condition you can put that condition (or group of filters and conditions) inside of that parameter (for example <condition attribute=”quantity” operator=”ge” value=”5″/> will copy only products whose quantity is greater or equal to 5 items). If you don’t want to apply any filter – just leave that field blank.

All new operations I separated to following categories – Sales, N-N Relationship Operations, Relationship Operations and Security.

Sales – for sales I added operations to create Opportunity Product/Quote Detail/Order Detail/Invoice Detail.

N-N Relationship Operations:

  • Associate/Diassociate Records
  • Check if Relationship Exists between Records
  • Add/Remove Member to/from Marketing List
  • Remove Member from all Marketing Lists

Relationship Operations:

  • Cascade Status – conditionally (based on fetchxml condition) set status for child records in relationship (1-N and N-N are both included)
  • Distribute Workflow – conditionally (again based on fetchxml condition) execute on-demand workflow for child records in relationship (1-N and N-N are both included)


  • Add/Remove User to/from Record Team (Access Teams)
  • Add/Remove User to/from Team (Owner Teams)
  • Check if User is a member of Team
  • Check if User has Security Role
  • Share/Unshare record with User/Team
  • Share/Unshare security fields of Record with User/Team


PS Feel free to download, test it and leave your feedbacks or bugs if you experience it (nobody is perfect 🙂 ). Also if you have ideas about operations that can be helpful – feel free to leave your comment in issues section.


  1. Hello Andrii,
    great work! Really interesting and helpfull!!
    What are the terms of use of the kit? There are some constraints or licenses that must be considered if I want to download and use it in a project?

    1. Hello Massimo,
      You are wery welcome to use my workflow toolkit. No licenses, constraints ot hidden payments. Just download, install and start using.

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