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Ultimate Workflow Toolkit v1.2.0.0

I released new version of Ultimate Workflow Toolkit. Here is the list of new operations available:


  • Save Email Attachments to Record’s Notes
  • Attache Record’s Notes (only documents) to Email and Send it
  • Create Email from Template
  • Send Email to Plain Email Address
  • Send Email to Team’s Members
  • Send Email Composed Previously


  1. Hi Andrii ,

    First of all thanks for your work, I am trying to use your tool kit for Email related operations. However its not getting compiled because of syntax error at below commented code. I have to change the syntax to make it compiled. Is it some issue with my framework or anything? My project uses V4.5.2

    var notes = QueryWithPaging(notesQuery, service);

    notes.ForEach(note =>
    //var activityattachment = new Entity(“activitymimeattachment”)
    // [“objectid”] = Email.Get(executionContext),
    // [“objecttypecode”] = “email”,
    // [“body”] = note[“documentbody”],
    // [“filename”] = note[“filename”]

    var activityattachment = new Entity(“activitymimeattachment”);
    activityattachment[“objectid”] = Email.Get(executionContext);
    activityattachment[“objecttypecode”] = “email”;
    activityattachment[“body”] = note[“documentbody”];
    activityattachment[“filename”] = note[“filename”];


    1. Hello,
      I’m just curious – why do you compile it when you have solution available? Isn’t it easier to download solution and install it on your system?
      And FYI – this code compiles good 😉

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