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HowTo send record Url pointing to specific Model Driven Apps

Model Driven Apps were released as a part of 8.2 release (and were called just Apps that time). It’s really cool feature that allows you to build role-tailored applications that have functionality required for specific role. What is available through UI unfortunately is not available through workflows – there is no possibility to define specific Model Driven App when you embed URL (for example in email to be sent) and record will be opened in “default” application. In this post I will show how you can implement opening of record in specific Model Driven Application.

Get Proper Application Id

The easiest way to get application id is to open that application in browser and check Url. You should see “appid” query string parameter and Id of that application.

Copy and save appid={guid of your application} somewhere for further usage.


Now you can work on your workflow. Before you added a url anywhere add “UWT: String Operations: Join” to your workflow:

Once step appeared in your workflow click “Set Properties”, in windows that appeared add “Record Url (Dynamic)” into input “In 1” and “&appid={Guid of your application}” into input “In 2”, rest of inputs leave blank:

Click “Save & Close”. Now you can use output of this step. For example inside “Send Email” step:

And here is the result – generated email:

Ultimate Workflow Toolkit

Yes, I know that Flow will replace Workflows in future. But it will happen in future. ATM Flow can’t do what Workflows + UWT can. I encourage you to use my toolkit (I use it in every project where it makes sense to use it instead of developing something custom).

Latest version of UWT is available by this Url. If you have issues using it/not sure if toolkit can implement your scenario get in touch with me using this Blog – I read comments daily and try to answer questions as fast as I can. If you found a bug or you have a suggestion how I can improve toolkit – create an issue on GitHub’s project.

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