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Create Trial Environment

The way how to create a trial environment keeps changing so in order to document all the steps to follow I decided to compose the post. I believe it will be helpful not only for myself but for others as well.

Step 1 – open trials provision URL.

Step 2 – choose one of the “Try for free” options and click “Try for free button”:

Step 3 – provide your email account (it could be your personal email like gmail or outlook) and click “Start your free trial”:

Step 4 – ignore the message that popped up and click “Set up” a new account”

Step 5 – once you completed the previous step you will be navigated to the following screen where you should provide the email address again and click “Next”:

Step 6 – once step 5 is completed go ahead and click the “Set up account” button:

Step 7 – provide the information for your trial account and click “Next”. Provide your real cell/land line number because it will be used for verification purposes on the next step:

Step 8 – choose one of the options to perform the verification and click “Send verification code”:

Step 9 – enter the verification code you received:

Step 10 – enter some domain name that is not occupied and click “Next”:

Step 11 – provide the user name and password and click “Sign up”:

Step 12 – once you navigated to the following screen just click “Get Started” to proceed:

Step 13 – once you completed the previous step you will be navigated to “Power Platform Admin Center” where it’s possible to spin up a new trial environment. In order to do that click “New” at the command bar:

Step 14 – provide details of the new environment and click “Next”:

Step 15 – provide easy-to-remember url (it’s more for convenience purposes than as a requirement), choose language, currency,  choose if you want to enable any first-party dynamics 365 apps and deploy sample apps and data and click “Save”:

Step 16 – now all you have to do is to wait until your environment is provisioned:

Step 17 – once it’s available you can jump in and start playing with it:




    I’m in China, I followed up your method to try to set up a trial environment, but it has a problem when it goes to step 11, prompt “Something happened
    Please try again later or contact support.
    Technical details
    SID: ff5f796b-bb48-42e7-b76b-af429455aee8
    cV: Ru3X7xK4si0GUFXZV4tUAG.0.11”

    Do you know why. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks a lot.

    1. Hello Stone,
      I experienced similar issues today. I waited for a couple of hours, repeated the same steps and everything worked fine.

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